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Pršut Pršut

Dalmatian ham meat product is produced respecting a long tradition of preparing homemade ham in Dalmatia. Dalmatian prosciutto is produced from processed pork leg that salt, cold smoked and dried in the bora.

Dalmatian prosciutto is produced by such a recipe from ancient times in places where Velebit unique microclimate of this product gives a subtle flavor and aroma.

Manufacturing Dalmatian prosciutto

Dalmatian prosciutto is produced from pig leg Yorkshire and Landrace breeds and their crosses. The ideal weight is 140-180 kg pigs and pig slaughter is done exclusively during the winter storm. Pork loin, with the bones and skin, salt is sea salt at a temperature 4-6 degrees and then add the salt to 7 days as needed. Sea salt is a natural preservative role and influence on subsequent fermentation ie ripening. Prosciutto is then placed into the press. In order to protect the meat from insects coated with a mixture of flour, fat or lard and pepper pigs. After that 70 days ham lightly dime into the cooler room and with a source of smoke further. Follows that drying takes about 12 months, and the period when the flesh ripens to complex changes in protein and fat and water loss, resulting in a quality product zaokrušenom specific taste and aroma. To obtain a superior product Dalmatian prosciutto is dried in a chamber under controlled conditions, in contrast to the traditional production when it is dried in the bora which is often a sudden drying up.

Air Velebit Channel

ZTo good Dalmatian prosciutto is required except northern and south, because the air is too dry can ham rind dries and cracks. Air Velebit yay particularly suited to this type of ham production - it is the climate that combines the gale passed mountain air enriched with flavors of herbs and salty sea air Velebit channel. Aromas and flavors Dalmatian ham produced in such climatic conditions are experience.

Prosciutto - Dalmatian delicacies

The true specialty of the Dalmatian ham cured longer, about 2 years. Cutting quality Dalmatian smoked ham, and eating it, you will feel the wind and smell the sea, where he matured. In order to protect the Dalmatian prosciutto as the original product osnnovana is an association that fights against such poor quality products and unscrupulous manufacturers. The aim is to make the Dalmatian prosciutto brand and product protection, modeled as they did in Istra prosciutto. Will define the types of pigs, treatment, salting, pristiskanja, Dalmatian smoked ham and maturity in order to protect the name "Dalmatian ham" and increased the number of authorized smoked ham in Dalmatia.

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